ATD is Chicagoland's communications leader.


ATD continually focuses on the betterment of the workplace, stressing high moral principles and consistency in character. We believe that working and living by our values is instrumental to our success.

We place hard work and commitment above all, and are constantly pushing forward in order to meet our clients' highest standards, as well as our own personal goals. ATD's goal is to provide quality service & products which will invest in the future of our clients' success.

Our experience and service is second-to-none.


ATD prides itself on stellar customer service. We have an outstanding team of specialists with a wide variety of expertise. 

This allows us to partner with our clients to build enduring relationships.

While ATD has provided telecom solutions to the Chicagoland area for the last 29 years, we also understand it’s imperative to evolve with the latest technologies available.

ATD will not only implement a cutting edge communications platform for your business, but also consult with your company about new and innovative ways to become even more productive going forward.

We have a rare combination of expert industry knowledge along with a true desire to provide our customers with the most efficient telecom solution for their needs.

This is the ATD advantage.

The president and CEO, Victor Rode, had the idea some 30 years ago, to create a business that was “committed to quality products consistently exceeding customer’s expectations”.

At the time, he was working with various telecommunication vendors, and he saw inequality and unfairness across the board. There were inconsistencies in the industry, unfair charges. and unethical practices. The service he was instructed to provide was neither the service he wanted to offer, nor the service he would have liked to receive. So, with a personal passion and supportive community, Victor was able to springboard his love for learning new technology and his desire to serve others into a quality service company.

Since the start, ATD has carried a loyal following. Many valued customers have been with us from day one, forming 26 year old bonds. We value these professional relationships, which have turned into lasting friendships. This aspect of ATD not only encourages our clients to comfortably and honestly promote our services, but also fosters an environment which allows us to continue providing reliable and valuable work.