Make the World Your Office

ATD CloudConnect™ keeps all your telecom needs centralized.

ATD CloudConnect™ System

ATD develops innovative telecom solutions for both the office environment and hospitality industry.

When you use an ATD CloudConnect™, you will experience an easy-to-use platform that allows you to sell more often, retain more customers, and have a complete and total business focus.

An efficient process will lead to increased revenue.

ATD CloudConnect™ Office

By unifying multiple types of communications into a single app on your computer or mobile device, ATD can allow you to connect via instant messaging, check voicemails via email, and respond quicker to customer needs.

Business communications is critical to any organization, so forgo the headaches of keeping up with a premise-based phone system and begin to focus on what really matters, your business.

ATD CloudConnect™ Hospitality

The world is on the move and that is good news for the hospitality industry. While the overall outlook for the tourism and hospitality industry is high, so is the competition.

Now more than ever, hoteliers know they must compete for customer loyalty by providing an exceptional guest experience while keeping their rates competitive at the same time.

What The Customers Are Saying

Stay Connected to Customers 
“I stay just as active as my business. I need to ensure I stay connected whether I’m at the office, working from home, or visiting with a client. To me, work is an activity, not a location.”
Compete and Win
“I’m looking for technology to help give me the competitive advantage and keep my business flexible without the big ticket expenses.”
Grow My Business
“With my businesses poised for growth, I need a communications system that is able to keep up without being a financial burden. Technology should help drive simplicity.”