Cloud-based Telecom Solution

Connect seamlessly between home, office and on-the-go.

ATD CloudConnect™ Office

Power your workplace with the centralized, secure, & reliable platform.

Have you ever stood in line for hours anxiously awaiting the latest new mobile phone technology? Today’s powerful devices are so much more than just simple voice communications. They enable you to make decisions about how you consume and share content, as well as how you communicate with your friends.

Imagine a phone system from ATD that can perform the same functionality for your business! ATD CloudConnect™ Office is the solution.

Mitel’s streamlined system is changing the game.

1.6 million users, the largest global cloud community, are currently using Mitel’s innovative technology and powerful integrated apps to communicate more efficiently with customers and partners.

Don’t worry, we won’t make you line up for it.

A Mitel business phone system can have an impact on your business well beyond a simple dial tone. 

This is not your typical business phone system.

When was the last time you were excited about buying a new phone system for your business? More often than not, it was a tedious process that ended up costing you more than expected and was a hassle to install. 

There are many phone providers, but customers choose ATD because of the ease-of-use and business impact our cloud-based phone system can have on their business.