Evolving to Mobile Business

Remote employees can experience the same functionality as inside the office.

Dashboard for Desktop & Mobile

How many times have you looked at your smartphone today?

Several years ago, mobile connectivity was relegated to personal use, but in today’s on-the-go world, business usage of mobile communication is at an all-time high.

ATD can consult with you on the best way to evolve your telecom solution to include mobile functionality for Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

Both customers and employees are working remotely or from a virtual office on a daily basis, so the need to stay connected in mobile environment is crucial.

ATD CloudConnect™ Office is the solution many businesses are implementing which also allows them to now take advantage of a mobile dashboard to monitor their entire telecommunications platform.
While colleagues inside the office utilize ATD’s intuitive and easy-to-use’s desktop dashboard, your remote employees can access the same functionality from their mobile device.

Personal Communications Dashboard

Unified communications, often referred to as UC, helps employees be more efficient, making it easier to select the best way to initiate, receive, and respond to business communications. 

ATD CloudConnect™ Office provides your employees with one place to connect with employees, customers and suppliers. ATD CloudConnect™ Office is all about collaboration, boosting productivity, improving customer service, and enabling employees to work smarter.

Mobile Dashboard

Don’t stop being productive just because you stepped out of the office for the afternoon. ATD enables you to take control and command of your business communications in the palm of your hand. 

We deliver access to the same rich telephone features you enjoy from your desktop, so you can experience a seamless transition from the office to the airport, golf course, or the kids football practice. 
ATD’s Mobile Dashboard is available on Apple, Android, and Windows devices and downloadable within the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.