Complete Business Focus

An efficient process leads to more sales and higher customer retention.

Increased Productivity

According to sales strategist, Jill Konrath, 97% of all business calls go to voicemail.

That’s a pretty eye-opening statistic. Unfortunately, a potential customer who gets sent to voicemail may end up with your competitor.  

There’s a window of opportunity that seems to get smaller each year as consumers become more tech-savvy; it is imperative that you work on a single contact resolution concept, no matter how your customer wants to communicate with you. ATD CloudConnect™ Office is the solution.


Technology is only helpful if it is intuitive and easy-to-use. By unifying multiple types of communications into a single app on your computer or mobile device, new hires and existing staff will be:
  • Connecting via instant messaging
  • Checking voicemails through emails
  • Responding faster to customer needs

Retain More Customers

As much as an ATD business phone system can help you sell more, likewise it can assist in retaining existing customers and business. Expand your ability to service the customer better through:
  • Detailed call metrics
  • Skills based routing to service reps
  • Automatic call distribution to the next available sales

Sell More Often

A potential customer who ends up in a voicemail account will ultimately find your competitor to do business with. Stay connected and:
  • Never miss an important customer call
  • Ring multiple phones at once
  • Track detailed call metrics for sales reps

Complete Business Focus

Business communications is critical to any organization, so forgo the headaches of keeping up with a premise-based phone system and begin to focus on what really matters, your business.
  • Reliable and redundant tier 3 data centers
  • Built for exceptional voice quality
  • Free and non-intrusive software updates