Intuitive CRM Integration

Adapts to Salesforce, Lync, Google, and more


CRM connectivity with ATD CloudConnect™ Office

Have you ever stopped to think that voice is just another application (like Gmail or YouTube) that runs over the data network? 

Albeit an extremely critical application, voice communications can be integrated into multiple different aspects of your business process.

Communications doesn’t just start and stop with the dial pad on your desk phone. Mitel has communication-enabled your critical business applications including CRM solutions, web-based business services, as well as third party unified communication applications. 

What does this integration mean for your business?

When ATD can integrate its streamlined telecom solution with your existing office system, you can immediately take advantage of a modern and efficient platform.

Let ATD work with your existing platform to create a seamless solution.

From Salesforce, to Lync, to Google, our ATD experts can ensure the highest level of productivity in the workplace.  Experience speed and simplicity for employees and an unmatched level of customer support.

Seamless Integration


Improve employee productivity by capturing call details to the record, click-to-dial, and the ability for inbound calls to auto-populate customer records.


Easily escalate chats to voice calls, click-to-dial within Microsoft Office, single sign-on, and ability to call from Lync contact list.


Turnkey Chrome integration with single sign-on, outbound click-to-dial, in-call management options, and inbound call notifications.